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With the mission of creating a revolution in health care and protection with spore probiotics, LiveSpo Global always strives to develop, research and launch more quality products to protect human health based on LiveSpo’s Spore Probiotics Technology: Liquid Form – Multi-strain – High Concentration.

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LiveSpo's Spore Probiotics Technology

LiveSpo’s spore probiotics technology: Liquid Form – Multi-strain – High Concentration is one of the scientific inventions in the field of biology researched and developed by Dr. Nguyen Hoa Anh – Former Lecturer of Biotechnology at Tohoku Imperial University, Japan.




5 generations of probiotics

Naturally fermented foods

Normal probiotics (components are beneficial bacteria that are usually in a metabolically active state)

Spore probiotics in the form of nuggets, pellets (components are beneficial bacteria in the spore state but purity is not guaranteed)

Liquid one-strain spore probiotics (components are spore probiotics and distilled water)

Liquid Form – Multi-strain – High Concentration Spore Probiotics (LiveSpo Spore Probiotics)

Application of LiveSpo's Spore Probiotics Technology

Digestive products

Respiratory products

Other products

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A probiotics manufacturer based in Vietnam is making a name for itself on the world stage. LiveSpo Global is exporting its products around the globe.

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